What to Do With Unwanted Gifts

Gift giving season is upon us. Well, It seems like there’s always some sort of holiday or event, doesn’t it? If you are reading this, chances are you received a gift that you have no use for. Maybe you followed our tips on avoiding unwanted gifts here, but you still received something that doesn’t suit you your lifestyle. What do you do? You smile, thank the gift giver and tell them how much you love it – – – and then what? Well, It depends on who gifted it to you and their personality and your relationship. Mature friends and family won’t have a problem with you re-homing a gift they gave you. Other people will enter your home often and expect to see it! Every. Time. Depending on your situation, these are just a few ideas on what to do with an unwanted gift.

Purge and pray – give it away and hope they don’t find out.

Stash it at the in-laws – If GranGran insists on buying the kids a sled you don’t have room for, ask her if you can keep it at her place.

Sell it, re-gift it or donate it local charity – these are self explanatory. Only you can decide if one of these actions are appropriate.

Just passin’ through – Use it a few times, be sure to let the gift giver know how much you appreciate it (maybe even send them a photo of you using it) and then pass it along. Most people won’t expect you to have every gift they have ever given you forever.

Return the item to the person who gave it to you – If someone gives you an heirloom, expensive piece of furniture or hand-me-down, ask the giver if they would like it back when you are no longer using it. They might want it or have someone else in mind who can use it.

Hold on to Stuff for Tragedies – Keep a stash of good new stuff in a closet or box for safe keeping and donate to someone in dire need, like after a house fire or natural disaster or a family being sponsored during Christmas. This is particularly good for new and unused houseware, toys and clothing items.

Move to a treehouse in Fiji where no one can find you. Just kidding…. sorta.

Paint it That pot sure is ugly and just doesn’t go with your decor – maybe you can make it into something you love. A little spray paint can go a long way!

Re-purpose it – Maybe the basket isn’t your style but it would work in your closet to hold your wrapping paper or hats. Or you like the vase your aunt gave you but never buy fresh cut flowers, you can use it for your kitchen spoons. I have a small ugly box with sentimental value that I now use in the bathroom closet to organize qtips. Think outside the box!

I hope these ideas for what to do with unwanted gifts helps you in some way. If you have ideas to share, leave them in the comments for others.


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  1. dagsmimi says:

    Great tips!


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